Chief Executive Officer: Heather Kinsley

Financial Agent: Fraser Mowat

I have been an active member of the Green Party since 2005. I have been involved in campaigns, protests, letter writing campaigns, advocacy and acting as CEO and Financial Agent for EDAs.

My prime focus has been getting the Green message out and advocating for the protection of mother earth. My goal is to leave a better earth for my children and grandchildren. It is time to start giving back to Mother Earth; without her we have no future.

Currently I am the Financial Agent and a member of the executive for our EDA and I am also a Member of the Environmental Action Advisory Committee for the Municipality of North Grenville.

Membership Coordinator: Colin Creasy

I have been a Green Party member since 2006. I was looking for an alternative that fitted my personal social and environmental ethic, and found that in the Green Party. People and Planet first. I was also drawn to the Greens by the fact that they are funded by ordinary people, and not by corporations and unions, and therefore there were no influences from the rich and powerful.

I was also drawn by the fact that policy planning is for 7 generations, and not just until the next election. We need to be cognizant of what government policies will do for future generations. I care about this planet, and what future generations are going to inherit. That is why I am Green.

Director: John Carley

Communications Coordinator: Tyler Thompson 

Youth Chair: Joe Boisvenue