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Lorraine Rekmans Biography

Lorraine’s Campaign Brochure can be downloaded and viewed here

Lorraine Rekmans  is an advocate for environmental and social justice issues through her work in both media and non-governmental organizations. With a background in journalism, Lorraine has extensive experience in policy development, government, industry, public affairs and Indigenous communities.  She is the former Executive Director of the National Aboriginal Forestry Association.  Her career has been based primarily in the not for profit sector.

Lorraine was instrumental in a number of natural resource development initiatives in northern Ontario before settling in Eastern Ontario in 2001.  She was involved in setting up local forestry enterprises and in developing the first Aboriginal-owned forestry marketing co-operative in Canada.  She has supported and advocated for sustainable use of natural resources through organizing, research, writing, advocacy and regional and national conferences.

As the former Executive Director of the National Aboriginal Forestry Association (NAFA), Lorraine worked on national and international forest policy. She has co-chaired an international dialogue on forestry at the UN Forum on Forests and helped organize the World Forestry Congress at Quebec City.

Lorraine assisted in writing a number of international declarations including the Indigenous Peoples Declaration on Forestry, which was submitted at the World Forestry Congress, in 2003.

She has received  The Rosalie Bertell Award for outstanding service in the field of environmental health by the International Institute of Concern for Public Health.

She is currently the Indigenous Affairs Critic in the Green Party Shadow Cabinet and was a two time federal candidate for the Green Party in Algoma–Manitoulin—Kapuskasing.  She divides her time between her duties in Ottawa and her work at her family business in Kemptville and she serves as Chair for the Grenville Centre for Social Studies. She is dedicated to balancing her roles as advocate, mother, wife and  grandmother.  Lorraine is of Algonquin descent.

  • Lorraine has considerable experience with social justice and natural resource development issues, and advocates for sustainable use of renewable resources
  • She has extensive experience in policy development working with non- profit organizations, government, industry, Indigenous communities and the public in joint forums.
  • She has been a life time advocate for environmental and social justice issues throughout her career in both the media and in non-governmental organizations

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