Join The Party

Join the Leeds-Grenville Greens

These are exciting times for the Green Party. By joining, you will have a say in the future direction of the Party.

Please consider joining the Green Party of Canada and the Leeds-Grenville Federal Green Party Association. You can become a federal member for just $10.00 a year or $25.00 for three years. Being a member allows you to vote at our meetings including the selection of candidates for elections. You can join online on the party website.

Any additional donation can be sent directly to the Leeds-Grenville Greens to ensure that the money is used to spread our message right here in Leeds-Grenville. When donating locally you can indicate that a portion of your donation is to go towards a membership and the association will send that payment to the Green Party of Canada on your behalf.

Also, please consider becoming a member of the Green Party of Ontario as well to ensure that your voice will be heard provincially with the Leeds-Grenville Green Party Provincial Association. Taking out a provincial Green Party membership costs $10.00 annually.