Join the Leeds-Grenville Green Provincial Campaign

The Leeds-Grenville Green Party is gearing-up to fight our third election in 18 months. We have a fantastic new candidate, Charlie Taylor, who is committed to campaigning full-time right up to election day on October 6th. We have a 15 member executive team to coordinate volunteers and organize events. We have a fantastic party leader in Mike Schreiner and a great election platform we can stand behind, 100 per cent.

What we need are resources. Resources to reach undecided voters and mobilize supporters. Resources to present a viable alternative to tired traditional choices and ensure a strong showing to prove that things like a holistic approach to health care, creating jobs for the 21st century economy, and strengthened local food and energy production are part of your vision for Ontario. We need your help today. Along with your vote, please consider donating some of your time and money to our campaign.

This election is crucial, one of the most important in recent memory. If Ontarians elect a government that reinforces Stephen Harper’s agenda, there will be no provincial power to challenge the claw-back in Canada’s progress toward a sustainable future. Please join us to ensure that this does not happen. Get involved and use your vote to show elected officials how you truly feel. Support the vision you sincerely believe in.

For information about how to donate, volunteer or reserve a sign for your front lawn, email

Cheques must be post dated for September 9th and made payable to “The Charlie Taylor Campaign”. Donations may be made in person at any campaign event, or mailed to:

P.O Box 145
Brockville, ON
K6V 5V2

Thank you for your support – we look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail!

The Leeds-Grenville Green Team

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